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At AddictionRecoveryUSA.com, our treatment consultants help find effective affordable addiction treatment, detox, dual-diagnosis centers or other behavioral treatment options nationwide for individuals or family members seeking drug and or alcohol rehabilitation treatment.

As leaders in substance abuse referral services, we can help you find appropriate treatment programs in your area, understand insurance coverage for treatment, find the most appropriate rehab and detox financing options that are available or just walk you through the steps to locate the best treatment center for your needs.

Let our drug and alcohol treatment consultants explain your options and help you today and please note that our substance abuse referral services are FREE to the public and confidential.

We have quality options for you or your loved one’s addiction. We work closely with treatment centers nationwide to provide you with appropriate choices for appropriate treatment so you can live a life free from addiction…

•AddictionRecoveryUSA.com has the tools to assist you with financing to find a treatment center that fits your financial needs.

•We can help find discounts that are exclusively available from our network of treatment centers Nationwide.

• We can help you with your insurance options for substance abuse and provide other options that might restrict you from getting the help you need.

We will do the leg work and help reduce the stress that comes with finding a quality treatment center. Call AddictionRecoveryUSA.com today at 888-821-5243. Let Us Help!